Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New England Autumn Landscapes-4th grade

This artwork is a little late getting displayed, but better late than never!

Amy-4th gr.

Matteo-4th grade

Ashley-4th grade

4th graders created a New England autumn landscape in connection with their social studies unit on regions.  The students used a masking tape resist technique to create the trees and planned their composition using foreground, middle ground, and background to create the illusion of space and distance.  They taped different sized strips of masking tape to their paper to create the trees in the fore, middle, and background.  The land and sky were painted using tempera cakes.  When the paint dried, the tape was peeled away to reveal areas of white paper.  Details were added turning the areas of white paper into birch trees.  Other details were added using colored pencils.

Idea thanks to mrsbrownart.com


  1. These are lovely. Can I ask what kind of paper and tape were used? I once did a project that someone else had presented, a Monet-style paiting with fence or bridge using tape, and all the papers tore when we took the tape off. DISASTER! We ended up making tissue flowers in the fences to cover the holes, and they looked great, but one girl couldn't stop sobbing. I haven't tried it again since, but would like to, if I could avoid the trauma.

  2. Hi Phyl, The idea for this lesson came from "Mrs Brown". She did it with first grade, but I chose to do the same technique with fourth grade b/c I could tie it in with their social studies unit on regions. I used bristol board (but 80lb. paper would work, too) and regular masking tape. The secret is to have the kids first press the tape on their pant leg to get some of the stickiness off. They then tape it to their paper. I show them how to tear the tape edge lengthwise to create a rough edge so their birch trees don't look like telephone poles. They then paint their background and when the paint is dry they pull the tape off. If the paper starts to pull off with the tape I have them pull from the other direction. Sometimes they use a glue stick to glue down any larger flaps of paper. Details were added with colored pencils. Hope this helps!