Tuesday, November 9, 2010


First grade looked to autumn to create their next two pieces of art work. The unit began with texture and creating a landscape using visual texture. Through class discussion, we identified the difference between actual and visual texture. Actual texture is something that can be felt, visual texture is how an object might feel if you could touch it. The students began their landscapes by determining where they wanted their horizon line. Once the land and sky were established, the students made rubbings which would later be developed into trees. As a class we discussed the "Y shape" of trees and trees and branches were cut in this formation. The layout of the composition was next with a demonstration of tree placement and overlapping of branches to create three dimensional space within their picture. As a finishing touch the students made leaves and leaf piles by tearing construction paper.
The second piece of artwork was a tree sculpture created from a paper bag. The students learned that shapes were flat like a piece of paper, but trees took up space and had form. The students created their trees by cutting, crumpling, and twisting the bag to resemble roots, trunk and branches.

Paper tree sculpture idea courtesy of Art with Mrs. Brown

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